Our QUEST Continues…

Life has a way of seemingly push us forward even in the most unusual of places we find ourselves.

Beginning life over again in Canada has actually been a smoother transition than we may first have expected. Even with the many cultural and logistical differences we’ve had to reacquaint ourselves with, God has brought us through fairly unscathed. He has provided the right people and the right counsel at just the right times to guide us in directions He had prepared for us.

Our desire is that through this blog we will be able to better keep you informed of what is happening in our lives as well as in the ministry. So, just a quick rundown of what has been happening this winter.

Both Shannon and I were recruited by hockey teams and were able to get in a number of games. Shannon was coaxed out of retirement to play goal and I just tried to stay on my feet and not hurt anyone, myself included. It looks as if we have both been signed up for next year.

IMG_7019           IMG_7101

Jasper and Jessi are enjoying Junior Youth and are finding new friends. Jasper was baptized last Sunday. It was a special (proud) day for us as parents. Jessi tried out for and made the Westman Football Club U11 girls soccer team. She is soooo excited to finally be on a real team.

IMG_6937Jordan is growing up quickly, but is still very silly and loves to play. She has also begun to enjoy snuggle time with mom or dad.

I (Dwayne) have started into my new role with Quest as the Director of Services. Basically my task is to represent the ministry of Quest wherever and whenever I can. I have been able to speak in a number of churches over the past few months and will continue to seek out churches and mission events to share about our ministry in Brazil.

Another exciting part of my role is to find, prepare and take Short-Term Teams down to serve in Brazil. I am very excited to let you know I am heading back to Brazil on April 9th with my first team from Niverville, MB. This will be a Work Team and we will be working on the building of our first construction project on the Quest Camp site.
Here are a couple of photos of what the project looks like today.




Please pray for the Team and I as we travel and serve at Quest. Some of the things you can specifically pray for are:

  • For the last visa to be granted
  • That our hearts will be open to serve
  • That the we will be able to work hard in the heat and humidity
  • That God would use us to serve His purposes
  • For travels safety

We hope you will continually check in on this blog to see updates on our family as well as what is going on with Quest. We would also love to hear from you and even come share in your church.

4 thoughts on “Our QUEST Continues…”

  1. Thanks for the update, Klassens. It must be very exciting for Dwayne to go back to Brazil and see for himself, what he has worked back here to do there. I think that Shannon and the girls would like to go, too. Too bad time and money always get in the way. I’m sure that in Eternity God will bless you in some special way to make up for that.

    We have less than a week left here in PV. It has been a good winter, though busy as always, God has been gracious and merciful. One of the highlights was visiting the home of one of Jake’s adult students and her cousin and their families. They live near the mission which Calvary Chapel has in the general vicinity of the main dump. They prepared tamales for us and we visited in a mixture of Spanish and English, hand gestures and facial expressions. We have come to love them and they us.

    Now it is back to Swan River and the food bank for us. We have a group of wonderfully dedicated volunteers there. It is a joy to work with them. Jake also cuts grass for condos and tries to keep up with his flower gardens. We are beginning to feel like it is getting to be too much.

    Love you guys and keep you in our prayers,

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